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《 SHELF LIFE / 保質期 | ebook sold as digital download in PDF – SGD $16 [ NO LONGER IN CIRCULATION ]

《 SHELF LIFE / 保質期 | physical zine sold as A5 paper book with colour pages + ebook – SGD $26 (mailing fees apply) [ ALL COPIES SOLD OUT ]

A short (but sweet!) exploratory full-colour zine of vegan recipes, original writing, photographs and illustrations, meant for baking hobbyists and beginners alike – anyone who is looking to make something perhaps a little different, but still simple enough to fit into their busy lives.

I understand the sedimented heaviness of accrued physical & emotional fatigue; and how, despite all the glueyness, if you love cooking or baking as I do (or are merely curious about it) there still lives that faint live ember, a spark of wanting to do something with your hands.

This is for you, to stoke that bit of kineticism into something, in whatever way you like. It doesn’t have to be perfect, whatever that means; it can be broken down and fit into your life with whatever you can spare time & ingredient-wise. The shelf life of these recipes should leave you space to take time and rest. They often trot on their merry way doing most of the work in the stillness you grant yourself. The bread dough rises & the brownies richen in flavour whilst you sleep; a batch of cookie dough, chucked into the freezer, will wait until your deadline is over and you are ready to bake.

Some of these recipes include:

pandan bakery waffles – the essential singaporean MRT bakery experience

salted senbei ‘brown butter’ chocolate chip cookies – using pantry oils to replace expensive vegan butter

lotus root dark chocolate brownies – where crisp lotus root offers an alternative to expensive walnuts

souper focaccia – utilising leftover soup to make hella flavourful, ridiculously easy bread + 2 one-roasting tin sandwiches

kladdkaka ketan hitam – singaporean pulut hitam x swedish sticky chocolate cake

36 pages.

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