vegan apam balik/min jiang kueh (traditional folded pancakes) 面煎粿

 I cannot quite explain the quiet satisfaction and contentment of having one of these pancake wedges in your hand, warm and dorsal, slightly drooping. Evenly brown and with a laminated dewy shine on top, cut into triangles that show off thick insides of aerated white custard – gently chewy and spongy, kueh-like (bouncy and glutinous),… Continue reading vegan apam balik/min jiang kueh (traditional folded pancakes) 面煎粿

mum’s molasses noodles

When people mention spaghetti in Singaporean contexts I think of shallow bowls filled with tangled pale noodles, the pastel melamine ware fare sold at ‘Western’ stalls in school canteens and hawker centres (‘Western’ as they represent more a derivative style of cooking inherited from Hainanese cooks that worked on British ships, rather than anything remotely… Continue reading mum’s molasses noodles

vegan killer toast

Update 5/9/21: I’ve updated this post with some general notes on bread and dough at the bottom, based on my experience and questions sent. I hope it helps! Please read it before trying out. There is something about working with bread dough that is physical and psychic simultaneously, the material loosening the vicelike grip &… Continue reading vegan killer toast